...back to the drawing board

I guess we were all caught by surprise, especially the creatives among us as to how the corona situation would impact on the music, arts and leisure industries...Like everyone else, Lightgarden have lost all live work for the year, Bath Fringe, Fest der Kulturen in Germany etc.... Much of my musical day to day work involves music making with groups of forgetful people - Alzheimers and various forms of so called dementia (hope that word goes out of fashion soon) - now all on hold, leaving me effectively unemployed, not to mention the additional confusion and distress caused to the dear folks with Azheimer's, but that's another story. 

So, stuck at home since mid-March with endless hours to sit with head-space and gratitude for the garden, I've been covering surfaces with paint. A return in some way to an earlier time when visually describing and assimilating the landscapes of the North York Moors formed a significant part of my creative output, alongside composing, songwriting and touring - at the time with Banoffi 

Further along the visual road, the primary aesthetic motivations remain: balance, movement, energy, vitality and beauty - beauty being a subjective consideration. So, I'm not completely new to this, in fact managed a BA Joint Hons (1) in Fine Art back in '92 and have exhibited and hosted exhibitions extensively over the years. Given the mercurial nature of the Art Market and a lifelong lack of interest in or ability to be fashionable unless by accident, I've moved such publicity as I have to the online world. Though of course I'm always happy to welcome visitors to my studio, please drop in if you're near Bath to have a cuppa and a look at the work in Reality. That is a genuine offer, ping a message via the contact link, be good to meet you, or if you'd like to know more about the paintings or be interested in making a purchase, please send me an email  Sales can be paid for in monthly installments by arrangement to suit, please ask for details.

 Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy the images here.

Until then, here's to future times, hopefully caring and creative ones! Thank you, DM