An enticing kaleidoscope of delights...LightGarden be pure magic”

— fRoots 2019

...the versatility of LightGarden's unique sound is nothing short of astounding. And we haven't even mentioned the heavenly harmonies yet!"”

Musicport Festival 2017

'And There’s A Silver Stream Cascading' is one of those rare albums that scores maximum points for its enlightened, open-minded music-making and its deeply joyous invocation of the magic powers of fresh invention.”

David Kidman - FATEA

Project Name

LightGarden -  Superb performance quality and stage presence matches well-developed and highly engaging original material resonating through the cracks between Folk, World and Singer-Songwriter. Festival lovers describe the band as "their festival discovery of the year".


"The core of Bath-based LightGarden is in essence the creative musical partnership of two kindred spirits, David Moss and Masha Kästner, latterly expanded, by the addition of Dave McKeown (of The Joyce Gang) and Rob Colquhoun, to make a four-piece outfit. All four musicians have been active variously on the folk, jazz and rock music scenes for some years. Singer and musician David Moss is the guiding force here, and those with long memories may recall him as one third of the gently iconoclastic and wildly inventive North-Yorkshire-based trio Banoffi for close on a decade from the late ’90s through to 2004."

The unique LightGarden instrumental complement provides an unusually varied and mesmerising sound, balancing David’s fiddle, viola, bouzouki, mandolin and mandola with Masha’s harmonium, piano and organ, Dave’s clarinet and sax and Rob’s acoustic guitars.


CD Review: '...And there's a Silver Stream Cascading...' "Concerned that the hippy spirit of The Incredible String band and their ilk is lost? Fret no more. It’s alive and well in the West Country in the acid-folk song-making of David Moss, the singer-songwriter at the heart of LightGarden. Prodigiously versatile multi-instrumentalist Moss not only plays bouzouki, mandola, fiddle and more, but he’s a dab hand at the old Mongolian overtone chanting, which means he can simultaneously produce two entirely separate vocal melodies. which is awesome to see and hear live, and adds an extraordinarily ethereal quality to several tracks here. Immaculately played and beautifully recorded, a mega-freaky trip.” Johnny Black, Hi-Fi News 2018


Press Photos

The cover of LightGarden's long awaited second CD '...and there's a Silver Stream Cascading...'

LightGarden. Clockwise from top: David Moss, Dave McKeown, Masha Kastner, Rob Colquhoun.

LightGarden is available as a 3 or 4 piece option. The trio version L - R: Rob Colquhoun, David Moss, Masha Kastner

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