The Harmonic Voice - Overtone Workshop

The Harmonic voice
Overtone Workshop Saturday 14th March 2020

with David Moss and Masha Kastner

The Lightgarden Music Room, 1 Fulney Close, Trowbridge BA14 7LF,
Sat 14th March 2020, 11am – 5pm, £75, early bird, before 31st Jan: £65


We are delighted to offer our first workshop of the new decade.

In one day you will learn how to overtone chant...

Overtone chanting is an ancient vocal technique of holding a single note and simultaneously sounding the harmonics of that note.

The harmonics are heard above the drone note as a high pitched flute-like or bell-like sound.
As well as being intriguing and fun, overtone singing offers a unique way of using the voice in a relaxed way which can have many benefits:

improved well-being, increased concentration and attentiveness in a way which is both calming and invigorating.


David and Masha are experienced in teaching this weird and wonderful technique having run workshops for over 15 years and can honestly say that everyone attending their courses 'has got it'. During the day you are offered a step by step approach allowing you to explore your voice safely, gently and joyfully and introducing you to the 'knack' of producing overtones in two different styles without strain or needing to have previous singing experiences. 

During the workshop we will:

- Explore how to produce overtones in the Khoomei and Sygyt styles

- Look into some theory: what are overtones, how does sound influence matter

- Listen to overtone chanting in different cultures

- Explore use of overtones for well-being

- Indulge in sound bathing


The maximum number of participants for this workshop is 15. Advance booking is essential, please Contact Us with any questions related to a general interest in overtone chanting.


Warm wishes and hope to see you soon,


David and Masha 


"Not an ordinary day" (workshop participant)

"Cheaper than drugs and more effective" (Chaplain York St John University)

"Mesmerising" (workshop participant")

"Very well lead and a lot of fun" (workshop participant)

How to book.....

Overtone Chanting Workshop, 14th March 2020 DEPOSIT: £35
  • Overtone Chanting Workshop, 14th March 2020 DEPOSIT: £35
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You can follow the link to pay using PayPal. You are now paying a deposit (non-refundable), the remaining £40 (£30 early-bird price) will be payable on arrival at the workshop. We will be in contact by email to give you further details, directions etc. relating to the day. A full refund of your deposit will be given if for any reason the workshop does not go ahead.

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