The Harmonic Voice - Overtone Workshop

***Our Next Workshop will be on Saturday 13th May 2017***
!!POSTPONED!! Apologies to all who are interested. We've been so busy with other projects, recording etc that we haven't had time to commit to publicizing this workshop so will reschedule it for early in the Autumn. We'll let you know as soon as we have a date, and we hope you can join us! Thank you.

Come and learn a skill you never knew you had

Saturday 13th May: One Day Course

The Harmonic voice
Overtone Workshop
with David Moss and Masha Kastner

The LightGarden Music Room, 1 Fulney Close, Trowbridge BA14 7LF Sat 13th May '17, 11am – 5pm, £65

In one day you can learn two different styles of overtone singing, suitable for our western voices.
No previous singing experience needed.

Overtone singing is an ancient vocal technique of holding a single note and simultaneously sounding the harmonics of that note.

The harmonics are heard above the drone note as a high pitched flute-like or bell-like sound.
As well as being intriguing and fun, overtone singing offers a unique way of using the voice in a relaxed way which can have many benefits:

improve our well-being, increase concentration and attentiveness in a way which is both calming and invigorating.
The workshop will cover:

- the
ory: what overtones are and their relation to the use of vowel sounds in different cultures. 
- the practical ability to produce overtones in the khoomei and the sygyt styles;
- sounds in formation: cymatics – an introduction to how sound influences matter;
- introduction to the use of overtones in performance and for well-being

The maximum number of participants for this workshop is 15.

Advance booking is essential, please Contact Us for details of how to book, or with any questions related to a general interest in overtone chanting.

David and Masha are both professional musicians with many years experience as workshop leaders, performers, and instrumental teachers. They are the founders and core members of LightGarden. Masha is a qualified Music Therapist. David has studied many techniques of learning overtones with leading authorities such as Jill Purce, undertaking a Masterclass with her in 2007.